Best of DJ the S 2020 & 2021

It sure took a while, but the it’s finally here: Best of DJ the S 2020 & 2021!

Because there weren’t a lot of songs in 2020, I didn’t make a Best of album back then, but they were included in this album for good measure.

As usual I tried to upgrade the songs a bit for the album, so many songs underwent some more or less subtle changes compared to the songs I uploaded. I can’t remember which ones though, you’ll just have to go through the playlist and listen for yourself 😉

I also uploaded a video for one of the bonus tracks – Meta Battle 2021 – which is a remake of Meta Battle from Sounds Alike Vol. 1. The other bonus tracks are alternate versions of songs, including a hidden alternate version of Eggman vs Sonic 2021. Here’s the video:

And that concludes 2021, a little later than I’d want, but still according to the planned schedule. I don’t really know what’s next, but I have quite a few ideas. Since Disciple of the Storm was so well-received, I might remake a few songs of the first Disciple Month this year. But for now I’ll go and play a bit more of the new Pokémon game 😉

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