Night of the Spider

Well, would you look at the time! It’s time for this year’s Halloween Mix, Night of the Spider!

The expectations for these Halloween mixes seem to get higher every year, slowly I’m getting afraid of not being able to deliver. Especially with this messed up uploading schedule lately…oh well!

So this year’s theme is spiders. and I just recently noticed that there WOULD have been a lot of themes to choose from. But my goal was basically including Muffet’s Theme, Spider Dance (Undertale) and Yamame’s Theme, Lost Place (Touhou 11: SA). Which was difficult enough, since both tunes may be similarly upbeat, but their pace is quite different. So getting from Spider Dance to Lost Place smoothly proved to be quite the challenge – that is in fact usually the main challenge I’m facing when trying to throw different tunes together.

Another tune I also really wanted to include was the Boss Theme from Plok and I was even able to include the laughing effects somehow. One of the bosses is a spider – so it even fits thematically! Personally I can already say: mission accomplished.

The other themes were included on the fly and help transition to Lost Place. You might notice the song keeps getting faster until the Temple Theme, where we finally reach the required speed to let Lost Place sound like it should. And Woodman (Mega Man 2) finally turns the song into a meme. Which is nice >: ]

So here’s the song list in order of appearance:

  • BossPlok
  • Spider DanceUndertale
  • Haunted WoodsDiddy Kong Racing
  • TempleZelda 2
  • Lost PlaceTouhou 11: Subteranean Animism
  • Woodman StageMega Man 2

At last, here’s the song:

Night of the Spider (349 downloads)


And here’s the video, it’s nice >: ]


If you want more, there’s a whole Halloween playlist too.

And that’s it! Now I can finally rest for a bit and get back into my regular uploading schedule. The next upload is planned for November, 19th. I already have an idea for it, but we’ll see!

For now, I just wish you a very nice Halloween! >: ]

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