Super Mario Super Fun

A few days late for our usual schedule, but just in time for the release of Super Mario Odyssey, here’s Super Mario Super Fun!

As you might have guessed (unless you’ve heard the preview last Sunday, then you should know), it’s a Super Mario Medley. The tunes featured are mostly songs I always wanted to include somewhere. Now I can check all of those off the list~

There is some connection, as most of them are from either Mario Party or a Mario Sports game (interestingly enough all of them from the 64 era…coincidence?):

  • OverworldSuper Mario World
  • Sudden Death (Dormie)Mario Golf (64)
  • Starman – uh…just pick any main Mario game
  • Rainbow RoadMario Kart 64
  • Faster Than AllMario Party
  • Move to the MamboMario Party
  • Game PointMario Tennis (64)
  • Jump Up, Super StarSuper Mario Odyssey

Yes, I was somehow able to include Jump Up, Super Star. I just hope I did an ok job…here’s the song:

Super Mario Super Fun (302 downloads)


And here’s the video:


I barely made it in time, phew! It took so long, I even forgot to add some cool sound effects, like coins and jumps and such…maybe I’ll add that in the Best of version!

Anyway, now to work on this year’s Halloween mix, Night of the Spider! Don’t expect it before Tuesday though, the schedule is tight enough as it is!

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