Song of Gods [Awakening Edit]

Let’s start off this year with a remake of the Song of Gods!

I’ve been enjoying a little time without working on music, but now the wait is over and we can officially begin 2018. And we start with a mix featuring Oath to Order, Stone Tower Temple and Deku Palace from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.

As mentioned before, it’s a remake of the Song of Gods from 2011, although that version featured the Ballad of the Goddess instead of Deku Palace. Remastering the song was actually pretty difficult, I hope I did a decent job:

Song of Gods [Awakening Edit] (229 downloads)


And here’s the video as usual:


And this marks the start of another year full of music! According to the usual schedule, the next song is due in 2 weeks.

I have a lot of ideas for this year already, 2 contestants for this year’s special project (Sounds Alike Vol. 2 or VG Arch Rivals Vol. 3) and of course we’ll see some new Clad in Shadow songs as well. I hope you’re excited!

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