Unacceptable, an unacceptably late birthday present for my buddy VanishingSVST. Not entirely what he wanted, but he gets it anyway. Bravely Default fans should be satisfied too, for it is a Bravely Default medley, with some Chrono Trigger. I mean, the reference was already there, I just made it a little more obvious.

The medley features the character themes of Agnés (Wind’s Course), Tiz (You Are My Hope), Ringabel (Love’s Vagrant) and Edea (Baby Bird), the Asterisk Boss Battle Theme (This Person’s Name Is) and a certain part from Wicked Flight, aside from the Chrono Trigger Boss tune I included in the Asterisk Battle part.

Lots of piano this time. Gotta love Tiz’ Theme, but I also love that part from Wicked Flight. On the other hand, I had rather not included Agnés Theme, as it kinda ruins the flow in my opinion. It’s so different from the other tunes, but I can’t just leave it out, can I? I hope you can…accept that~

As usual you’ll find the video and download below. Want to show your appreciation? Donate!

Unacceptable (2352 downloads)

And here’s the video:

And that’s that. I think we should slowly prepare ourselves for Disciple Month 3, even though it’s not quite there yet. I’m not entirely sure what’s next, but I think to be able to go with the schedule, there’s only one thing that would make sense.

I also thought about rearranges the song downloads on the site. Having them separated by franchise is a bit tedious, I haven’t updated these sites in ages. I’m still thinking about a legit way to do it, but I want just one page with all the downloads, probably in chronological order and pics that show what franchises are included. I’d need to find some time to actually do that though…

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