VG Arch Rivals Remastered

VG Arch Rivals Remastered is finally out and available on Bandcamp! If asked about the price, you can just put 0 to get it for free – keep in mind I only have a limited amount of free downloads per month, so if that doesn’t work you might have to wait a bit until the free downloads are refilled (certain perks won’t be available if you get it for free though).

The songs on the album come with some more tweaks and changes compared to the versions I uploaded to YouTube (and in the last post). In addition to that, it comes with 3 bonus tracks: “instrumental” versions of Ken vs Ryu 2021 and Eggman vs Sonic 2021, as well as Eggman Solo, which is an alternative version of Eggman vs Sonic 2021 only featuring Eggman’s Theme. These songs are only available on the album.

And here it is, VG Arch Rivals Remastered: