Night of the Sea Monster

It’s time for this year’s Halloween Mix! This year’s song is called Night of the Sea Monster – that means the theme this time is sea/lake monsters.

And we have a nice selection: Mizutsune (Monster Hunter), Lord Woo Fak Fak (Banjo-Tooie), Puftoss (Donkey Kong 64), The End of Raging Waves (Etrian Odyssey III), Boat Battle (Golden Sun: The Lost Age) and Crush Crawfish (Mega Man X3).

Night of the Sea Monster (125 downloads)

Of course it comes with a video as usual:

This is probably gonna be the last “Night of the…” Halloween Mix for a while, since I have some other plans for the next few years – although it might not even be all that different! 😉

Happy Halloween!