Offbeat Anomaly

A week later than I hoped, but once again I have a somewhat new song to show, and it’s a DJ the S original no less – Offbeat Anomaly.

“Somewhat” new? Some of you might remember (or know from the OST page) that I once made a song called “With Evil Intentions”. It was meant to be the theme of the main antagonist of a now cancelled series. And now, at least a year after someone asked me to do that, I finally got around to turn it into a full song – with a much cooler name in my opinion~

Let’s talk copyright a bit: This is a completely original song, and I give you permission to use it for whatever you feel like – or even make a remix of it. If you do end up using it, it would make me very happy if you credited me somewhere 🙂

Offbeat Anomaly (135 downloads)

Since I don’t have much original art, the video might look a little bland this time, bare with me here:

Since I’m a week late, I’m hoping that I can prepare another song for next week. But there’s just so much going on lately, my mind’s been kind of a mess. Let’s hope for the best though!