Mogu Mogu Yummy (DJ the S Remix)

This one is gonna be a bit different, but today I’ll share my remix of the cool cat Nekomata Okayu’s awesome song Mogu Mogu Yummy. If you already fell into the VTuber/hololive rabbit hole, you might already know the tune, otherwise click here to check out the original song and here to check out Okayu’s channel (warning: you may not return).

I’m sticking closely to hololive’s Derivative Works Guidelines, so I will only share the song on YouTube. Here is the video:

I’ve been thinking a lot about if I should actually share it or not, because I have no idea how my audience might react. But in the end it’s a remix of a really cool song, which is basically what I usually make, right?

This doesn’t mean you should expect more hololive remixes or anything like that. Unless…?

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