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Ack…at the moment I’m preoccupied with important stuff, so forgive me that I can’t finish the next crossover right now…instead, I let you do something. Sounds fair? To me it does~

So, let’s try this again, for real this time! Let’s have a poll, you can choose up to three themes, the one with the most votes by the end of September wins and will be made! There’s one more or less memorable song from every main series Touhou game. You might want to listen to the themes first as I doubt you know all of them, for this purpose I’ve added YouTube videos for all the songs. The actual poll can be found below. Happy voting!

Here are the contestants:

The one song which started it all. It even sounds nostalgic.

This tune is an insider tip, you should give it a shot if you don’t know it yet. Especially the part around 0:48.

Yumemi’s tune might sound a bit repetitive at first, but I’m certain it would make for a great techno/trance/house mix. Think about the possibilities!

That is easily the most popular tune of the PC-98 era and has been remixed to death already. Well, it’s a really catchy tune, so I’m not surprised.

I personally love this tune, it’s so upbeat. For me, it’s even catchier than Bad Apple.

The Extra Stage theme is something from that game I haven’t tackled yet. This might be the most interesting stage theme of Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil. My favorite is still Rumia’s Stage theme though.

The first stage theme of Perfect Cherry Blossom let’s you dream of a snowy winter wonderland.

An upbeat battle theme with a bug. The first battle theme of Imperishable Night has quite some potential I would think.

Pretty much the theme of Gensokyo’s reaper. Not as grim though, neither in sound nor appearance. But the tune is quite epic, especially around 0:41.

Certainly one of the most epic Touhou themes. You’re challenging a god after all, that certainly isn’t every day’s business, not even in Gensokyo.

The stage 5 boss is what drives people more crazy in that game than the actual final boss. To honor that fact, her theme is among the contestants.

The stage 5 boss with the tiger-pattern and the curvy lasers has one of the most interesting tunes of Undefined Fantastic Object in my opinion, only bested by Heian Alien.

Yuyuko’s theme in Ten Desires is so damn catchy, after quite some thinking I chose her tune to be worthy of representing that game. It’s a bit short, but a remix has the option of overcoming that fact. Could naturally feature a bit of Border of Life as well.

The most recent and the most ominous of the contestants, a theme with certainly great potential.

Finally, here’s the poll, choose wisely:

[yop_poll id=”4″]

Next week we’ll have another OST Focus featuring Shadow Dial. I can’t say how much time this “important thing” will still take of me, but I might not be able to finish the next song anytime soon.

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