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You know, back when the Smash Bros. ballot was a thing (where apparently most people voted for Bayonetta for some reason), you know who I voted for? King K. Rool. So after the last Smash Bros. Direct, which revealed him to be a playable character in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, I thought it was time to celebrate. Since I obviously haven’t made enough of these already, prepare yourself for another Donkey Kong medley…say Welcome Aboard King K. Rool!

Welcome Aboard is basically a King K. Rool battle medley going up to Donkey Kong Country 3 and optionally hinting at Donkey Kong 64, although it doesn’t include his battle theme from that game. To sum it up, the medley features:

  • Bad Boss BoogieDonkey Kong Land (I know you’ve seen this one coming!)
  • Final Boss (Unused)Donkey Kong Land (Bad Boss Boogie serves as the final boss theme in that game, although this tune sounds so cool…I wonder why it wasn’t included – maybe space restrictions?)
  • Gangplank GalleonDonkey Kong Country (the main focus of the song)
  • Crocodile CacophonyDonkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest
  • Big Boss BluesDonkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble!
  • [Optional] DK Rap (?)Donkey Kong 64

Seeing how many of these DK medleys I already made, one might think I was probably just waiting for an excuse to make another one. Well…you’re not wrong!

There are two versions of this song, one that features an altered version of the DK Rap (the King K. Rap?) and one that entirely skips that part. Just grab the one you like best – or both:

Welcome Aboard (874 downloads) Welcome Aboard [instrumental] (552 downloads)


Here’s the obligatory video, it features the version with the altered DK Rap:


Still can’t believe they actually added King K. Rool to Smash…well, at least we now have a song to celebrate just that. It feels a bit rough around the edges at some parts (I started working on this mix two days ago…), might have to make some adjustments for the Best Of 2018 version.

By the way, there’s a poll running on my channel right now. There you can vote for the general theme of this year’s Halloween Mix! Vampires, zombies or demons? Make sure you make your vote count!

And one last thing: I was actually thinking about calling the song Welkome Aboard, but that just looked so weird to me~

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