Best of 2017

Another year is coming to its end and you know what that means: time for this year’s Best of album.

As usual it features all songs of 2017 which aren’t already on another album (like the Sounds Alike songs). The songs have been re-rendered for maximum quality and are available on bandcamp in different formats.

Actually a lot of the songs have been slightly altered for the album version, I’ll try to remember what I changed:

  • The Snippet Mutants/Greenhorn Funk/Divine Rhythm: Changed mastering completely to the one used in the latest songs. I think it sounds cleaner that way.
  • Show Me Ya Moves/Ndoplasma/Formidable Battleground: Changed mastering completely to the one used in the latest songs. Also changed the song structures a bit since it was no longer necessary that these songs are loop-able.
  • Thousand Eyes Disciple: Added some chords to the Zero Two part so it sounds more powerful.
  • Sick Beats: Changed the transition after the Super Mario part. Should sound a little smoother now.
  • A Hunter’s Journey: Added some oomph to the Lower Norfair part. Does it sound better now? I hope so.
  • Super Mario Super Fun: Changed the song structure so the transitions would be a bit smoother. Also changed the mixing for Jump Up, Super Star and added some effects. That part specifically should sound much better now.
  • Night of the Spider: Slight changes in transitions and some sounds and the ending. Now it sounds pretty nice >:]
  • Thu’um Like Thunder: Removed some of the shouts.
  • Industrial Rhythm: Added even more oomph to it.
  • Silver Spell: Adjusted the Silver Mountain part a bit.

Quite a lot right? Sounds like downloading the album will be worth it! Here’s where you can get the album, it will be available for free for a limited amount of time (just type 0,00 when asked for the price):

And of course, here’s the video. I tried to showcase the changes specifically, if you go to 14:20 you’ll instantly notice that for example:


And that’s it for 2017. I wish you all a Happy New Year, let’s hope for a nice 2018! >:]

Expand Nice

Time for the final mix of the year, inspired by last year’s crazy medley Sonic Boom (although with a rather uninspired name): Expand Nice!

I could not come up with an interesting or descriptive name for this one, so have some memes instead! I included songs I like a lot and (mostly) have worked with before, so no big surprises here (except one).

This mix actually took a while to make (as you might have noticed), although it didn’t take as long as it seemed since I’ve just been playing the Dark Souls series so much the recent month. Anyway, here are the songs in order:

  • GrabbagDuke Nukem 3D
  • Bad Boss BoogieDonkey Kong Land
  • Woodman’s ThemeMega Man 2 >:]
  • Death By GlamourUndertale
  • King Dedede’s ThemeKirby’s Dreamland
  • Ken’s ThemeStreet Fighter II
  • Grabbag (again)
  • Bad Boss Boogie (again)
  • U. N. Owen was her?Touhou 6: Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil
  • Bad Boss Boogie (one last time)

I also included a little bit of the DK Rap, but merely for transitioning purposes. At two parts they’ll shout “D-K-Kong, huh!” – I’m well aware that the ‘K’ stands for ‘Kong’ already but it just sounded so cool so whatever~

Here’s the song:

Expand Nice (123 downloads)


And here’s the video, actually got a bit to show this time:


Very nice >:]

So next up is this year’s grand finale, the Best of DJ the S 2017 album which will release on Sunday with a video to go along with it.

Silver Spell

Once again the time has come for this year’s X-Mas Mix, so I present to you: Silver Spell!

Long-time fans will probably remember White Magic, which was 2013’s X-Mas Mix. This year’s mix is a reference to that, being another Snowboard Kids medley – this time with more Quicksand Valley (although not perfectly fitting thematically, I just can’t get enough of that tune), Silver Mountain, Night Highway and Dizzy Land. I was debating if I should include Grass Valley as well, but that seemed a bit overkill for an X-Mas Mix – might as well make a remix of that during the summer or something. The game still has a few nice songs to work with after all.

Silver Spell (67 downloads)


And here’s the video:


If you want more, you can get yourself in the right mood by checking out the X-Mas playlist.

So the other mix I promised STILL doesn’t have a name, but at least it’s almost finished, so I’ll definitely upload it during next week and on Sunday you’ll get the Best of 2017 video of course!

Merry Christmas!

Last Delay 2017 – probably

There’s no excuse, I’ve just been lazy and wasn’t able to finish the new song in time.

I have two weeks off now so I’ll have lots of time to work on the new song and the X-Mas Mix. The plan is to upload this year’s X-Mas Mix on Sunday – it’s gonna be another Snowboard Kids remix like White Magic, that much I can say.

I already made quite some progress on the other song, which doesn’t even really have a name yet (in case you’re wondering, it’s running under the working title ‘Release the Bogus 2017’ – that’s simply random and NOT related to Punch Out though). I’ll upload it when it’s done. Deadline is the end of the year of course! Anyway, here’s a preview:

Industrial Rhythm [V-weld Edit]

So I’ve been looking at some of my older songs and there’s a fair amount of songs that I like(d), but sound kind of outdated to me, so I can’t enjoy them as much anymore. This makes me sad, so I’ll keep trying to get some of them to the next level. Such an example is today’s song: Industrial Rhythm [V-weld Edit]!

It is a remake of Industrial Rhythm, which is a remix of Weldar/Grunty Industries from Banjo-Tooie. I like the original song already very much, so I didn’t change too much aside from the techno-heavy parts. I kinda wanted them to stick out more and…well, I might have got a bit overboard with that idea in the end! But listen for yourself:

Industrial Rhythm [V-weld Edit] (100 downloads)


And here we have the related video:


Since I scrapped the idea of making another song after the X-Mas mix (that’s just not enough time and makes things unnecessarily stressful, since I also need to prepare the Best of album and upgrade the songs for it a bit!), the next song is gonna be the last ‘normal’ remix of the year. No pressure or anything, but I’d like it to be really good. It’s scheduled for release a week before Christmas and I already have some ideas. I think it should be a bit like last year’s Sonic Boom, but I don’t wanna get everyone’s hopes up like that…

Thu’um like Thunder – Shoutless Edit

The last song included lots of “shouts” (“Thu’um”) and at least one person thought the song would be more enjoyable without that. Since that was easy to do and I don’t mind having multiple versions of a song, here you go:

Thu'um like Thunder [Shoutless Edit] (109 downloads)

The next song is due next Sunday. I wonder what it will be?

Thu’um like Thunder

So The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has recently been released for the Nintendo Switch. To celebrate, I present: Thu’um like Thunder!

This remix features the Age of Oppression/Aggression (depending on which side you’re on, but they sound the same aside from the lyrics), Dragonborn and…the Song of Storms from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time! After all, the Dragonborn can learn the shout “Strun Bah Qo” which means something like “Storm Call“. Just don’t forget to use “Lok Vah Koor” afterwards, to clear the skies again (…not entirely sure if this actually works in-game though)!

Also Skyrim on the Switch features some Legend of Zelda outfits. I guess that’s the more direct reference~

Thu'um like Thunder (212 downloads)


Here’s the video:


Now that we got all these planned holiday/game release-related uploads out of the way, I can just do something random again next, right~

Video game remixes, medleys and crossovers

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