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VG Arch Rivals Vol. 4

Rejoice, for the wait is finally over: VG Arch Rivals Vol. 4 is here!

Although I gotta admit, the timing isn’t the best, since I ran out of free downloads for this month. Not sure how that happened, but it’s rather unfortunate. I’ll get a new batch of free downloads on June, 25th though, so it’s gonna be available for free then. Until I run out of free downloads again of course…

BUT to make up for that a bit, I do have some free download codes for ya. Each of them can only be used by one person, so you better act fast though! Please enter the code here:


As usual I changed up some of the songs a bit. The most notable changes are in

  • Meta Knight vs Galacta Knight: changed the song structure, added some ideas and effects from Meta Knight’s Solo.
  • Crash vs Cortex: changed the Evil Twins part, so it should sound much more interesting now. Also adjusted some minor things like volume and delay in some parts.
  • Funky Kicks: Changed the bridge of the later Miror B. part, adjusted the sound of the Power of NEO segments a bit.

And that’s about all I remember currently. I showcased the differences in the video:


And that’s another album down. Sorry for the inconvenience with the missing free downloads though…

I have lots of ideas what to do next, although I don’t know with what I should start yet, so you’ll just have to wait and see~

VGAR4 Bonus 3 – Funky Kicks

Are you ready for the finale? I present to you: the final and true bonus song of VG Arch Rivals Vol. 4, Funky Kicks!

The song features the truly fabulous duo Miror B. (Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness) and Mettaton Ex (Undertale) with their respective themes. The focus is a bit more on Miror B. with Mettaton joining in every now and then. It would certainly have been possible to give both of them the same amount of spotlight, but that’s just how it turned out~


This time I didn’t forget about the intro:


Long-time fans will probably find many parts of the song familiar

And that was the last bonus song. Time to finalize the album so VG Arch Rivals Vol. 4 can finally be released next Sunday! *excitement*

VGAR4 Updates

Just wanted to give you guys a little update:

I’ve been trying to work on a third derivative bonus song for the upcoming album VG Arch Rivals Vol. 4, but this one didn’t quite work out. I tried a lot of things – but it didn’t really come together, so I decided to screw it. No need to go overboard with the bonus songs anyway, right?

So I’m working on the final, true (non-derivative) bonus song. There are no specific rules for VG Arch Rivals bonus songs, so you can’t be sure what to expect. But I have quite the combination in mind~

Now here’s the schedule for the next weeks: The plan is to have the final bonus song finished and uploaded by next Sunday. Then I’ll spend another week  to finalize the album. In that case the release date would be June, 17th. Exciting~