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True Disciple of the Wind

The Disciples are back – prepare yourselves for updated versions of a bunch of Disciple Month songs in the coming weeks for this year’s special project – NEO Lord of the Elements!

We start with True Disciple of the Wind, which is technically the 4th (!) version of this song. Disciple of the Storm, which is a remake of the original version (which was not part of the Lord of the Elements album) released not too long ago, but I hope I changed and added enough things to keep things interesting. Here you go:

True Disciple of the Wind (272 downloads)

There are so many themes in this one, I feel a list is in order. Here are the tunes that I included:

  • Fighting of the Spirit
  • Molgera
  • Faith is for the Transient People
  • Wind God Girl
  • Kaze no Ne
  • Song of Storms
  • Tornado Man
  • Storm Eagle
  • High Above the Land (The Flying Machine)

As usual there’s a video as well, and this time you can (to some degree) tell by the characters shown what theme is currently referenced:

Off to a great start, yes? But there’s a lot more to go. See you in 2 weeks with another one, hopefully!

Best of DJ the S 2020 & 2021

It sure took a while, but the it’s finally here: Best of DJ the S 2020 & 2021!

Because there weren’t a lot of songs in 2020, I didn’t make a Best of album back then, but they were included in this album for good measure.

As usual I tried to upgrade the songs a bit for the album, so many songs underwent some more or less subtle changes compared to the songs I uploaded. I can’t remember which ones though, you’ll just have to go through the playlist and listen for yourself 😉

I also uploaded a video for one of the bonus tracks – Meta Battle 2021 – which is a remake of Meta Battle from Sounds Alike Vol. 1. The other bonus tracks are alternate versions of songs, including a hidden alternate version of Eggman vs Sonic 2021. Here’s the video:

And that concludes 2021, a little later than I’d want, but still according to the planned schedule. I don’t really know what’s next, but I have quite a few ideas. Since Disciple of the Storm was so well-received, I might remake a few songs of the first Disciple Month this year. But for now I’ll go and play a bit more of the new Pokémon game 😉

2019 in a Nutshell

This year we celebrate 10 years of DJ the S – and thus 10 years of music. And we do so with music (huge surprise, I know!), namely medleys featuring songs that appeared in each year. I call this project: 10 Years in a Nutshell!

The actual starting point is actually a bit vague. I remember making baby steps with remixing somewhere in the summer of 2009. The first video on my channel that survived the time is from the end of 2009, so we start counting with 2010 as a reference date.

So the basic idea is that each song of the project is a medley featuring a selection of songs from a specific year. We start with 2019 and end with 2010, so we can say: As we move forward, we go back (I always wanted to say that).

Today we’re starting off with 2019 in a Nutshell. This medley features:

  • Fate Administrator
  • A Formidable Foe Emerges
  • Wolfen Mercenaries 2019
  • High Quality 2
  • Dededelicious
  • Coconut Tower
  • Night of the Vampire
  • Shadow Ridley (from Clad in Shadow Vol. 2)

I’ve been wondering a lot how to feature these songs in a medley, for some I’m using the same sounds as in the original mix, for some I try some other things. There’s a lot of difficulties making such medley, regarding tempo, style, scale and transitions, so I’ll have to try to find songs that work well together, while still trying to feature as many cool tunes as possible. It’s always going to be a bit of a compromise I think.

For this one, Wolfen Mercenaries might be the odd one out, but all in all I think I got the transitions down well enough. Let’s hear it:

2019 in a Nutshell (374 downloads)

As usual, there’s a video too:

And that’s one down. I’m not sure if I can stick to the 2 week schedule during this project – I’ll try, but bear with me if a few of them take a week longer than usual.

This project is basically a big celebration, so make yourselves comfortable and enjoy – we’ll finish this eventually ; )