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Gyakuten Saiban: Danzai!! – Objection Overruled

Welcome to yet another series, I’m almost tempted to call it “Crossover Month”! I have 4 Touhou crossovers planned in total. I decided not to make these songs loops this time, so it will be like you’re listening to another remix anyway! And I think we didn’t have anything Touhou for at least…a month now!

We start off with Objection Overruled, pretty much Touhou x Ace Attorney (Gyakuten Saiban), starring Phoenix Wright and Shikieiki Yamaxanadu, Cornered and Fate of Sixty Years. Since Shiki (as I like to call her) is basically the ultimate judge for the spirits of the dead (deciding who goes where), this crossover is most logical. There’s even a fan game (with English patch!) of said crossover where Shiki is the judge, called Shin Gyakuten Touhou. For those interested: Aya plays the role of the defense attorney, her helping hand is Momiji and (naturally) there are several prosecutors like Remilia. Heck, I’ve heard there’s even a sequel. If only it had such a great Cornered theme! XD

As usual you’ll find the song, the download and the video below. Want to show your appreciation? Donate!

Objection Overruled (1596 downloads)

Here’s a version without the voices, if you prefer that. I personally feel like something is missing without them though~

Objection Overruled (no voices) (10146 downloads)

The video features a really cool DJ picture of Shikieiki, now you can see where some of the inspiration for my avatar came from! Here it is:

Next in our “Crossover Month” is Touhoid Prime, Touhou x Metroid as announced a few weeks ago. But it won’t be uploaded next week, since we’ll have another OST focus there, featuring True Shadow. Meanwhile you can check the OST section, there’s a new song called A Formidable Foe Emerges and VS Bowser Jr. got a significant update. You can find both in the Luigi’s Terrific Quest “Beta stuff” section!

OST focus – Nonexistence Battle 1

Starting a new series of posts: OST focus! Here I’ll take one of the songs I made for other people’s games, animated series or whatever and try to present it in a way that’s…good! That means this presentation will feature a video along with the song which features artworks, animated sprites and background information. Remember that all of the presented songs can be found on this website’s OST section, along with videos they appear in (if possible)!

So today on OST focus we have a look at Nonexistence Battle 1, a tune from Super Mario: Vanishing Existence, which is an animated series created by VanishingSVST, a good friend who’s also responsible for most of the artwork on this website. Nonexistence is the series’ main antagonist, so you’d probably expect a lot. For a battle theme however, this tune is rather slow-paced, as if something was keeping it from going all out…

The song’s first and (if I recall correctly) only appearance was in the first episode of Super Mario: Vanishing Existence. The video shows some parts of this episode, specifically the intro and the Nonexistence battle along with some general info on the villain, artwork and animated sprites.

I have to add that the song might be a bit old and dusty, but I think it’s still interesting to listen to, even if the first battle theme doesn’t have as much power as the second (spoilers!).

Next time on OST focus: True Shadow! Until next Sunday I want to finish a crossover mix called Objection Overruled, so we’ll see how that goes!

Skies of Black and White

At last! Sorry for not posting anything for two weeks now…the Soccer World Cup got in the way! Of course I also focused on making new stuff to show you, I hope the waiting time paid off! So prepare yourself, for I have a lot to talk about in connection to today’s song. I need to make up for last week after all!

That gun…it’s bigger than herself, yet Torri carries it with ease

As announced two weeks ago, here’s a song featuring themes of two rated-M RPGs, Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars and Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2. The songs are Torri’s theme Monochromatic Color (which serves as the song’s main source) and Solid Park (apparently the main battle theme) respectively. While the first tune was included rather for personal reasons than for musical goodness (although it’s interesting nonetheless), I’d really recommend checking out Solid Park. It’s a rock-solid piece of techno-rock-something and I really tried to include that theme’s essence in this mix, but the original cannot be beaten that easily. Have a listen:

From that picture I think we can all guess where that M rating comes from…Japan, everyone! However, that game actually includes some kind of “console wars” as there are characters resembling Nintendo Wii, PlayStation and X-Box (if I remember correctly, hopefully I don’t make a fool of myself right now!), so that’s interesting. But why is this series available only for PlayStation consoles then…?

Conception II has an amazingly interesting soundtrack. The character themes actually aren’t among my favorites though, with the exception of Torri’s theme, which (as well as the character herself) really stands out in my opinion. At this point I’d like to share one of the AMAZING battle tunes this game has to offer (and it has a lot!), sadly not all can be found on the internet yet:

It’s a tune that gets you pumped, although it isn’t even my favorite. But it’s not included in today’s mix anyway, I just wanted to share…maybe you even like it! But let’s start talking about the song:

After quite the brainstorming with my friend the name “Skies of Black and White” came up. I also thought about calling it “Monochrome Wing”, but he said it would sound too close to the original that way. You might not get why we came up with these names if you haven’t played the game, so let me explain: the black/white should be obvious as it is directly related to Torri’s appearance, but you also have to know she’s into birds, flying, sky, boundlessness and such things.

Did you read all that stuff? It was really a lot this time! As usual you’ll find the song, the download and the video below. Want to show your appreciation? Donate!

Skies of Black and White (541 downloads)

And here’s the video:

I can’t really say what my next plans are, I guess I’ll finish the Touhoid Prime song I mentioned last time. Maybe I can also update you on some new other songs that might not get uploaded in video format. I think I should do some Castlevania as well or maybe some Touhou as well. If only more of you would vote for a song, I wanted to wait until we have at least 100 votes in our Touhou poll. PLEASE PARTICIPATE IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY! Until next time, stay tuned!