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Ultimate Elemental Being

It is done, the ultimate Disciple of the Elements megamix, Ultimate Elemental Being, is here!

Take U.N. Owen was her, Fighting of the Spirit and a tune from each of the elemental Disciple songs and you get this. An almost 8 minutes long megamix. As you can imagine it was quite a lot of work….I hope it was worth it!

And because it’s so special, you can only get it on bandcamp. Remember that there’s only a limited amount of free downloads (about 200 per month), so don’t be surprised if it says 1€ all of a sudden…you’d need to wait about a month until it will be free again:

And here’s the video:

And with that out of the way, we’re ready for Disciple Month 3! Time, Sound, Magic as well as Life&Death awaits…

OST Focus – March On

And another OST Focus for you, this time outside the usual schedule.

This time we look at the regular battle theme of Bravery Saga, March On. It’s much faster and more my thing compared to the intro, which obviously didn’t appeal to you that much.

The song is based on the 2 regular battle themes of Keroro RPG, but also includes a bit of the series’ own Main Theme. I think you’ll like that one!

Bravery Saga Battle Theme – March On

And here’s the related video, featuring some info for 2 of the series’ essential characters:

Don’t forget, next up is Ultimate Elemental Being. Get hyped!