Floating Serenity

Would you look at the date, it’s Christmas again! Time for another X-Mas Mix I’d say!

And while thematically the tunes I used have nothing to do with Christmas or winter or anything, it definitely feels like it – I hope you’ll agree when you listen to Floating Serenity:

Floating Serenity (87 downloads)

The mix features some fancy and catchy tunes, namely Normal Duel (Pokémon Trading Card Game), Staff Credits (Kirby Super Star) and Underground (Yoshi’s Island). This wasn’t originally meant to be an X-Mas Mix, but the way it turned out I felt it was just perfect for that occasion.

Be sure to check out the video too, as usual:

In other news, there will be a Discord fan server soon! I’ll be gone for a bit to celebrate Christmas with my family, but will be back in a few days to officially release the link to the server to the public. Hope to see you there 😉

Merry Christmas everyone!