Best of 2015

Another year is over. And what a year it was.

There were a few (minor) improvements in terms of music and the website I’d say. We have a music page which is now split into years (so it doesn’t take forever to load) on the one hand and we got some nice tunes this year as well, but I’ll be getting there shortly.

One thing that still bugs me are the SUGGESTIONS. I tried a lot of stuff by now, but nothing really seemed to work. That suggestions page didn’t really work out as expected either (should have seen that coming honestly). I’ll write down some of the interesting suggestions you posted and delete that page afterwards. I think we’ll just handle it old-school style, if you have a suggestion, post it in the YouTube comments (I actually read all the comments I get). Some of you seem to be doing that anyway, so it’s not much of a hassle I guess? I usually have a good idea of what’s hip at the moment, but your input might help as well. But remember there’s always other stuff I’d like to do, so don’t be disappointed, okay? XO

As usual, we celebrate the year by releasing a Best of album with all of the regular songs of the year. Since we had 2 album projects this year (which is…one too much apparently), there are not as many songs on that album as usual, but I think there were more memorable songs than usual. Splat Zone, Unacceptable, On Days Like These, Mask of Madness, Deku Rave…I think those really stand out. One of my personal favorites is Hyper Drive Divinity. That’s 6 songs out of 13, so almost half of them were especially memorable to me, I think that’s a pretty good cut!

Now, the songs on the Best of album have all been re-rendered to grant the listener maximum quality. You can download them in many different file formats, whatever you prefer. However, you’ll notice that some songs may sound a bit different. And that’s because they are. So let me quickly go over the things I changed:

  • Artificial Magic: changed the lead instrument for the Dullahan Under the Willows part to an organ. Fits a lot better in my opinion.
  • Deku Rave: this is actually the Best of Edit, which is a combination of the original Deku Rave and the Scrub Edit with some additional improvements.
  • Unacceptable: changed the distorted guitar during That Person’s Name Is to a synth and changed that part very slightly, so it flows even better.
  • Hard Drive Divinity: actually got some major changes, the bridge includes a pitch shift, the ending is different and I altered the drums at some parts a bit. See it as an upgraded version.
  • 30 Years of Starman: changed the lead instrument for the first Powerful Mario slightly. I removed the Main Theme from SM64 as well as some of Mario’s sounds, which felt unnecessary for the album version. Also includes other minor changes.

These versions of the songs are exclusive to the Best of album, which means you cannot get them anywhere else. Now, for the album itself, you can get it on Bandcamp as usual. There is a limited amount of free downloads per month, but experience shows you gotta be fast to get one. The early bird (…or the Sanic) gets the worm, as they say! After they are gone, you’ll have to throw some money at the screen (…no, wait, don’t do that! I was just trying to be funny…) to get it. Not much though! With that many exclusively upgraded songs it’s definitely worth it, no? Or you could just wait another month…but you don’t want to do that, do you~

At last, ladies and gentlemen, here it is: Best of DJ the S: 2015

Aaaaaaand here’s the related video:

And that’s it! I’m already looking forward to the next year, I wonder what awaits us there? For now, let me wish you a

Happy New Year!

30 Years of Starman

Well, would you look at that: Like 5 years ago, I finished the Super Mario anniversary mix right before the end of the year! Phew!

And the name is quite similar as well. It may even become a tradition, who knows. 30 Years of Starman (as the name implies) features quite a few Starman and power up themes, such as the Wing Cap and Metal Cap. My favorite part has to be the Mega Starman though. What it does not imply is, that it also features a few other memorable tunes. Although I guess it’s a bit more random than it could have been…but hey, it has Gusty Garden Galaxy! That’s pretty cool, right? RIGHT? Right.

To go along with that we have good ol’ Mario to accompany us through that mix.

As usual you’ll find the video and download below. Want to show your appreciation? Donate!

30 Years of Starman (1785 downloads)


And here we go:


And now that that’s finally done…I can continue preparing the Best Of 2015 album. It should be done by tomorrow, so expect another post and video then!

Christmas Daze

And so this is Christmas.
And what have you done?
Another week over
And a new song just…

…umm…came out? Idk…

Well, it’s that time of the year again, where I share with you another gentle mix related to the holiday season. Right? WRONG! …well, partially right I guess~

This year’s X-Mas Mix is definitely related to the holidays as the source is from a game called Daze Before Christmas (I heard it’s pretty rare, so you might actually not have heard of it before…) where you play as Santa Claus and try to get those presents distributed to the children all around the world while jump’n’running through some more or less fitting levels and beating up some pesky bosses.

And THAT is exactly where this year’s mix doesn’t seem to fit at all. Because, of all the more or less christmas-y songs in the soundtrack (quite a few of them are actually arrangements of Jingle Bells), I chose the Boss Battle theme Holiday Destroyers for this year’s X-Mas Mix. Oh, the humanity!

The result, Christmas Daze, reminds you that Christmas might be a much more stressful holiday then it should be. But it also reminds you that you should dance. Why’s that? Because it’s catchy as hell. At least I had fun working on it! Maybe next year I’ll choose a more fitting tune from the soundtrack though~

As usual you’ll find the video and download below. Want to show your appreciation? Donate!

Christmas Daze (493 downloads)


And here’s the video:

Here I thought the X-Mas mix should be this year’s final song, but screw my schedule. The song for Mario’s anniversary is still in progress, but I want it done before we finish off the year with the obligatory best of album. I’m really trying, but you might want to turn down your expectations a bit, just in case! I guess it’s hard to plan inspiration, huh? Oh wells, I hope you guys can enjoy the next few days with your beloved ones, have a good time and

Merry Christmas!

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