Squids vs Octos

At last, it’s time for the 5th song of VG Arch Rivals Vol. 4: Squids vs Octos!

To get straight to the point, it’s basically a Splatoon Medley, featuring Splattack!, Calamari Inkantation, Ebb and Flow (Splatoon 2) and a very little bit of Octoling Rendezvous. The song comes in two versions, a basic instrumental version and a version where Squid Miku sings a part of Ebb and Flow (with made up lyrics).

Squids vs Octos (468 downloads) Squids vs Octos [instrumental] (269 downloads)


As usual, it’s not complete without a video:


Finally an opportunity to use the Vocaloid software in one of my songs, I’ve been waiting since last year for this! Making Miku sound understandable isn’t easy, but making her sound gibberish on purpose wasn’t too difficult at all. I can assure you that she’s singing actual English lyrics – although I doubt you can figure them out entirely. You’re welcome to guess – but the answer won’t be revealed until the album is finished!

Did you notice that the second part of Calamari Inkantation actually makes a reference to Splat Zone? You did, didn’t you~

On another note, getting the mixing right for this song was really difficult this time around, I spent a good while on that. I hope I did an ok job…

So what’s next? Are we done yet?

I’m not telling~

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