VGAR4 Bonus 1 – Meta Knight’s Solo

We’ve arrived at the album-exclusive bonus tracks of VG Arch Rivals Vol. 4! There’s gonna be at least 3 of them, 2-3 derivatives and one new song. Take it with a bit of salt though, since you won’t be able to download these songs until the album comes out…

The first is Meta Knight’s Solo. I liked how the Meta Knight parts in Meta Knight vs Galacta Knight turned out and wanted to turn those parts into a dedicated song, without having to worry about giving Galacta Knight some spotlight as well.

Compared to Porky’s Solo from VG Arch Rivals Vol. 3 I actually changed quite a bit this time, like some instruments, added effects, a quite different song structure, so it took a bit longer than expected – I wanted it to be finished last week already, but apparently that wasn’t enough time…I’ll likely use some of the ideas I got while working on it to spice up the album version of Meta Knight vs Galacta Knight though.


There’s a video too, you know:


I’m actually falling a bit behind my schedule now. Next week, Dark Souls Remastered comes out and I wanted to deliver something for that occasion, which I won’t be able to do just yet. Although, the version for the Nintendo Switch has been delayed anyway, so I guess I still have a chance to deliver something then….

For now I’m focusing on the bonus songs though. Seeing how many there are, the album likely won’t be released before mid-June.