VGAR4 Bonus 2 – Gerudo Swag

As announced last time, there’s more bonus track coming this way. Remember how I said 2-3 derivatives? Because I was unsure if I should make this one. Well, now I did – so here’s Gerudo Swag!

This is an alternative version of Link vs Ganon where I didn’t have to worry about giving both of them enough spotlight and didn’t feel obliged to use Ganon’s Theme. Instead, have more Gerudo Valley. However, this is NOT a “Ganon’s Solo”, as Zelda’s Lullaby and Tal Tal Heights still kick in at the last part of the song.

I came up with the song name in about 5 seconds – so if the name accurately describes the song or not, is certainly up for debate:


Can’t have a song without a video to go along with it, right? I just noticed that I actually forgot to add the intro the other bonus songs have…


On an unrelated note, I added a Privacy Policy to the site to comply with GDPR (anyone here from Europe?). Gotta know where all the data goes, right? I’m no expert though, so I can only hope it’s complete. This also comes with new features, you can now request to view and/or delete your personal data on this site. This site doesn’t really save much info at all, so I don’t know if it’s even worth it – but if that is what you want to do, you can now use the contact form or the contact address of the Privacy Policy page to request either of the two.

Now excuse me, while I try to figure out how to work on the next derivative song and play Dark Souls Remastered at the same time.