A little early this time, but here’s another song for all of you: Yamabeats!

It’s a remix of Shikieiki’s Theme – Fate of Sixty Years – from Touhou 9: Phantasmagoria of Flower View.  She has always been of my favorite Touhou characters. That’s actually why Joe (the website avatar) wears similar clothes in many of the older pictures.

Those of you who still remember the Touhou Remix Project might notice that Yamabeats actually sounds faintly similar to one of the bonus songs (Final Judgement). It certainly has been a while. More than 7 years actually.

Yamabeats (145 downloads)


Here’s the video with DJ Shiki-chan:


Only one more song before we start this year’s special project. Don’t forget to vote if you haven’t already!

Since the feedback for the last video was so overwhelming, I’m debating if I should “fix” another Disciple song – Disciple of Darkness is a song where I could probably include a lot of other themes.

True Disciple of Time

It’s been 2 and a half years since the last Disciple Month and only recently I got the idea of making what you’re about to hear.

In the original Disciple of Time many people wondered why Primal Dialga, the definition of time for Poképersons, wasn’t included. My reasoning back then was that it was already included in Disciple of the Light.

Obviously the Pokémon that represents time would fit much better in Dsiciple of Time than Light, no? Well, the thing is: Light came first. And at that moment, there was no indication that I’d ever follow up with something like Disciple of Time. Uh, decisions, right?

Well now I can stop bugging myself with that as you now have an alternative version that actually includes Primal DialgaTrue Disciple of Time. The Extreme and Dark Impetus had to be sacrificed for that to happen – but you understand that, right?

Other than that there are some very minor adjustments I made, but nothing worth mentioning I guess. So without any further delay, let’s hear it:

True Disciple of Time (450 downloads)


And here we got the video, check out that new logo:


Do you like the new logo FictionalCanvas made? I still have to put that everywhere and who knows how long it’s gonna take for it to actually show up for everyone (caching and such).

Aside from that, I’m currently having a hard time motivating myself to work on new stuff. I’m trying to get out of this inspirational hole before the next big project begins, don’t forget to vote on what it should be here. We’re using YouTube’s new poll feature for that – it’s pretty simplistic, but it works pretty well so far.

Song of Gods [Awakening Edit]

Let’s start off this year with a remake of the Song of Gods!

I’ve been enjoying a little time without working on music, but now the wait is over and we can officially begin 2018. And we start with a mix featuring Oath to Order, Stone Tower Temple and Deku Palace from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.

As mentioned before, it’s a remake of the Song of Gods from 2011, although that version featured the Ballad of the Goddess instead of Deku Palace. Remastering the song was actually pretty difficult, I hope I did a decent job:

Song of Gods [Awakening Edit] (173 downloads)


And here’s the video as usual:


And this marks the start of another year full of music! According to the usual schedule, the next song is due in 2 weeks.

I have a lot of ideas for this year already, 2 contestants for this year’s special project (Sounds Alike Vol. 2 or VG Arch Rivals Vol. 3) and of course we’ll see some new Clad in Shadow songs as well. I hope you’re excited!

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