Bloody Fears

At last! The third of the 4 Touhou crossovers is a mix of Castlevania and Touhou, so we call it Touhouvania! Took quite a while, but now I’m done with my thesis for the most part, so I was finally able to finish this song. I hope I haven’t got rusty in the meantime…

Actually that idea isn’t new, as long-time followers already know sinceĀ U.N. Owen was a Wicked Child. There exists a really good fan game called Koumajou Densetsu: Scarlet Symphony. It was so well-received, that it actually even got a sequel called Koumajou Densetsu II: Stranger’s Requiem. The first one features Reimu “Belmont” Hakurei as the protagonist with her Hakurei whip thing and Marisa as an exist, while the second one (as far as I know) features Sakuya as the protagonist. Certainly Alucard-like in terms of style and even makes sense with all her rumored Vampire Hunter back story.

But now to the song itself: Bloody Fears! Born from a fan suggestion, this song includes Rumia’s themes and Bloody Tears, as well as two other famous Castlevania tunes (Beginning and Vampire Killer). The song might be a whole mess, but I kinda like it. Probably because I just like Vampire Killer and Rumia’s themes? I suppose…

As usual you’ll find the song, the download and the video below. Want to show your appreciation? Donate!

Bloody Fears (1964 downloads)

And here’s the video:

The grand finale in our “Crossover Month” is something special and I don’t want to spoil that~ Let me just say that the Reimu & Sanae music series gets a 4th installment.

However, once again we’ll have another OST focus next week, featuring Divine Entity.

OST Focus – VS Xeno Ridley

Today on OST focus we have something I completely forgot about. While I announced last week that we’re going to change to another series, the latest tune from Super Mario: Vanishing Existence, the animated series created by VanishingSVST, is still waiting for its spotlight. It’s the theme of Xeno Ridley, basically a mechanized Portal version of Ridley.

As of now, the song has only been teased in the “trailer” for the 4th episode of Super Mario: Vanishing Existence, but it might not take too long until that episode is finished, so you better stay tuned for some top class action scenes! The video features the battle scene from the trailer along with some artwork for Xeno Ridley:

The tune is supposed to sound both robotic and epic. For this purpose, it includes the Serris battle theme from Metroid Fusion and quite naturally Ridley’s theme. It’s one of the newest songs for this series and perhaps also one of my best yet. If you like it, there’s quite a bit more like that on the OST page!

As for our voting, it looks like Suwa Foughten Field (Kanako’s theme) is going to make it. I’ll look into the ones which got a lot of votes as well, I’m actually rather interested in Strawberry Crisis!! and it seems quite a few people wanted to hear Eternal Shrine Maiden and Tank Girl’s Dream (and Bad Apple!!, but that was quite obvious anyway), so that’s a thing. Too bad Dimension of Reverie didn’t get that many votes, I really like that theme~

Next time on OST focus, we’re switching to another animated series by VanishingSVST, this time for real: The Masters of Pokemon, Divine Entity. I’m also pretty much done with my thesis so far, so I can likely work on regular mixes again. You can expect the Touhou/Castlevania crossover featuring Rumia and some classical Belmont tunes next Sunday!

OST Focus – Shadow Dial

Today on OST focus we have a look at Shadow Dial, another tune from Super Mario: Vanishing Existence, the animated series created by VanishingSVST. It serves as the theme of Shadow Sakuya, the first Shadow created by Shadow Entity by using the DNA he found on one of Sakuya’s knives and a strand of her hair.

The song’s first appearance was in the third episode of Super Mario: Vanishing Existence, when Shadow Sakuya was created. The video features some nice artwork, as well as the moment of her creation.

Shadow Dial was meant to illustrate a dark, yet elegant character. Like all Shadows, it includes the Battle theme from Persona 2 and a theme representing the character herself, in this case: Luna Dial. If you like it, there’s quite a bit more like that on the OST page!

Next time on OST focus, we’re switching to another animated series by VanishingSVST. We’ll have a look at The Masters of Pokemon, which features some really interesting tunes. To start off we’ll look at one of the most epic tunes already: Divine Entity. I’m making progress with my thesis, but can’t exactly tell when it’s going to be finished. I hope next week or so, but I can’t guarantee anything.