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Disciple of Time

Yes, it’s that time again. Time (pun intended) for take 3 of Disciple Month!

Since we’re out of elements, we’re reaching for other things now, hoping to be able to continue this pretty successful series. So this time, we have Time, Sound, Magic and (to top it off) Life & Death.

We’re starting with Time. It’s quite the mess actually, with so many epic tunes in the mix, but I think it works. Should I list them? Sure, why not: Time Castle (Persona 3 FES), Luna Dial (Touhou 6), Fighting of the Spirit (Tales of Phantasia), Song of Time (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time), The Extreme (Final Fantasy VIII), Dark Impetus (Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep), Time Eater (Sonic Generations), Epoch (Chrono Trigger), Bloody Tears (Super Castlevania IV as it actually plays in the Clock Tower there, representing the Clock Tower present in pretty much every Castlevania game).

Crazy, right? There would have been even more to work with, but I hope I picked out the best. No Dialga because the better song (Primal Dialga) was already used in Light and I didn’t want to bother with Spear Pillar. Also no Time Man because that theme is way to chilly. T.T.’s theme would have probably cracked everything too…oh well! Let’s go listen:

Disciple of Time (1519 downloads)


And let’s not forget the related video, don’t forget you can donate if you feel like it:

And that’s the first entry of Disciple Month 3. More awaits of course. Can’t wait to work on Sound

Ultimate Elemental Being

It is done, the ultimate Disciple of the Elements megamix, Ultimate Elemental Being, is here!

Take U.N. Owen was her, Fighting of the Spirit and a tune from each of the elemental Disciple songs and you get this. An almost 8 minutes long megamix. As you can imagine it was quite a lot of work….I hope it was worth it!

And because it’s so special, you can only get it on bandcamp. Remember that there’s only a limited amount of free downloads (about 200 per month), so don’t be surprised if it says 1€ all of a sudden…you’d need to wait about a month until it will be free again:

And here’s the video:

And with that out of the way, we’re ready for Disciple Month 3! Time, Sound, Magic as well as Life&Death awaits…