Shooting Star Punch

Surprise! Bonus track time: Shooting Star Punch, a.k.a. Donkey Kong vs Little Mac! A little extra for those who download the upcoming album VG Arch Rivals Vol. 2.

Not actual rivals, not even in the same franchise…although DK actually challenged Little Mac in Punch Out!! for the Wii. Now that’s bonus track material right there.

But what do I mean by bonus track? Basically, it’s a little extra, which is a reason this has been uploaded out of the usual schedule. It doesn’t even show up on the album until you download it. The main difference however is that you don’t get a download link for it! Yes, that’s how mean I am. So, unless you download the album, you can’t get it~

The mix basically contains the Opening theme and Jungle Hijinx from Donkey Kong Country and Minor Circuit from Punch Out!! That’s about all there is to it.

As usual you’ll find the video and song below. Want to show your appreciation? Donate!

And here’s the video:

The first album had a bonus track as well, which was called MegaMadness if you remember. It was more or less a Proto Man vs Zero thing (more a Mega Man medley though) and was only used in the release video. But this one deserves its own video I felt. And don’t forget: target release date for the album VG Arch Rivals Vol. 2 is next Sunday, 28/06/2015, on bandcamp.

King Dedede vs Kirby

The fifth and final entry of our second take on video game rivalries is nothing less than King Dedede vs Kirby! I know you’ve been waiting for this one.

These two…now THAT’s a true rivalry. King Dedede tried to clobba dat dere Kirbeh since day one, even copying some of his moves (most specifically the swallowing and flying) to get the upper hand. They often fight over food or nothing at all when they’re not helping each other fighting a greater evil. Although in about half of their battles by now Dedede was possessed or controlled by someone…

For this mix I chose the most representing themes for both characters and their rivalry, like Green Greens (Kirby’s Dreamland) and Popstar (Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards) for Kirby, King Dedede’s Theme (Kirby Super Star) and Masked Dedede (Kirby Super Star Ultra) for King Dedede and Bumper Crop Bump (Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards) and Gourmet Race (Kirby Super Star) to get their rivalry down. As an addition, I also used the Card Collection and Mini Boss Theme (Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards) because these tunes are pretty cool.

There were some other themes I would have liked to include, but they either didn’t work well or the song would have lost its direction with it. Those themes include Revenge of the King Ending (Kirby Super Star Ultra), Spring Breeze Ending (Kirby Super Star), Victory Dance (*insert any Kirby game*) and Submarine Battle (Kirby and the Rainbow Curse).

As usual you’ll find the video and download below. Want to show your appreciation? Donate!

King Dedede vs Kirby (590 downloads)

And here’s the video:

Now we’re pretty much done with our second Arch Rival “Month”, although I want to share a little extra with you next week, in 2 weeks the album VG Arch Rivals Vol. 2 will be officially released on bandcamp.

Wily vs Mega Man

The fourth entry of our second take on video game rivalries is Dr. Albert Wily vs Mega Man (Rockman)! With a little delay, because the polishing of the song took a little longer than expected…nah, honestly, I’ve just been slacking off a little too much~

The whole setting reminds me a lot of Eggman vs Sonic which was featured in the first VG Arch Rivals. The protagonist is blue, the antagonist is a scientist…and they’ve been enemies since the first game. The entire (!) original Mega Man series was about stopping Wily’s plans. Now if that doesn’t deserve a place here (despite the fact that Bass would be a much more suited rival) then I don’t know.

There are tons of Mega Man tunes in this mix, naturally quite some Boss and Wily Stage Themes, also Bass, Proto Man and even Metal Man (being one of Wily’s first creations) make an appearance. To represent Mega Man I chose the Intro Theme from Mega Man 2 this time. I usually use the one from Mega Man 3, but this one is more fast-paced and should be equally iconic. A worthy mix, don’t you think?

As usual you’ll find the video and download below. Want to show your appreciation? Donate!

Wily vs Mega Man (680 downloads)

And here’s the video:

The great finale awaits…or does it? The next entry is gonna be the one that was announced way before the others and it’s one I hope you’ve been looking forward to as well.

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